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Every Server has their rules. Even though we don’t have many there are a few basic principles that all players need to understand when joining Exiled Resilience. There are instances where a player can get banned from our server and it is mostly up to the discretion of the admins. Don’t be an obnoxious asshole and you should be fine. 1.)Server allows up to 15 players per guild 2.)NO Hacking, Glitching, exploiting or botting. NO Impersonating staff in any way. NO Excessive racism, sexism, homophobia, hate speech or Advertising. Excessive harassment towards anyone will result in a Temp-ban, if repeated, ban. Do not spam, excessive spam will result in the same punishment. 3.)If you are a completely toxic player generating a black hole of negativity on our server you will be banned at the discretion of the admins. We would rather have a good time on our server with our friends and players than cater to a socially malnourished child. 4.)Purposefully disclosing personal information of other players on our server is not tolerated. You will be warned and banned at the discretion of the admins. 5.)No Raiding your own guild from within. IF you choose to leave a guild, you leave with what the owner of the guild says is yours, or nothing. This is to prevent complaints of inside raiding. F12 (screenshot) what the owner says is yours so there is no confusion. 6.)NO pillar/foundation spam — Yes the game has a natural smart decay system but please be considerate of prospective build space and clean up your stuff! **DISCLAIMER** Admins DO play on this server. We are only here to administrate necessary issues on the server. We like to enjoy the game the developers gave us too. These rules are subject to change via the communities discretion. The admins do not owe you anything. Please be respectful and everyone can enjoy Exiled Resilience!